quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011

like birds

Then I open my arms.
I feel the wind on my face
I feel the smell of the flowers
Then I see your smile
It makes me feel so alive
You are my only one
Like I was looking at you now
We are under the rain
But I don't even care
You are the greatest thing in my life
Let the rain falls down
Lets jump over the puddles
Lets leave everything behind
There is no anything to regret now
I love when you look at me this way
Like I was the only one for you
And we are so close now
I can feel your heart beating over me
I can barely believe that
And now, we are speachless
It is the first kiss
And I really feel something new
It must have been the way you look at me
It is the best moment of my entire life
Like sparks inside of me
And I am looking like a little girl
I am so afraid
But I really want you by my side
To flock away, together !

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